Break free from what’s holding you back from living a fulfilling life

Life coaching for high-achieving mid-career professionals who want to take back control so they can find the freedom to live the fulfilling life they want

Break free from being stuck in the:

❌ same old boring routine

❌ unmotivated and directionless funk

❌ stressed state of exhaustion and burnout

❌ uncertainty of what you want to do next

❌ expectations of what you’re supposed to do

You’ve made the effort but still feel unfulfilled

You know you’re meant for more but you’re caught in the perpetual cycle of just getting through the day and living for the weekend. Or life changes happen that you’re not prepared for like getting laid off. The fear of the unknown and uncertainty is holding you back. Is the grass on the other side actually greener? But as long as you’re stuck and just letting life happen to you, you’ll never be able to grow and find the freedom to live the dream life you deserve.


I know because I’ve also been there myself. I spent 15+ years in the corporate world, switching from company to company and chasing that promotion only to get burned out. Eventually, the job dissatisfaction would creep in and affect other areas of my life, especially my relationships and health. I struggled with finding more balance, meaning, and purpose in my life, and I’ve been laid off 3 times! But I followed my gut to carve MY own path despite what others said. My approach is to help empower you to take back control of your life and take action towards the life you actually want.

Are you feeling stuck and unsure what to do next?

Let's work together to empower you to design and lead the fulfilling life you want through personalized 1-on-1 coaching sessions.


Elizabeth G.

I started working with Alice a couple of months following a layoff from a job that I was dedicated to but that also, after 3 years of excessive stress and consistent 80+-hour workweeks, was taking a notable toll on my physical and mental health, as well as my relationships. Alice saw right away that I needed something bigger than just finding my next job.

Alice genuinely took responsibility for my journey. She gave me the space to heal, and she listened – really, truly listened – both to what I actually said and what I said between the lines. She held me responsible to all parts of myself, not just to my career goals and ambitions, while at the same time giving me permission to explore ideas and then discard them. She trusted my judgment, and this, in turn, helped me to also regain trust in myself. And when she hit walls with me (I can be very stubborn!), she always found another way to get me to think about the matters at hand. She helped me see how the work that I had already done could be a stepping stone to a broader life purpose. It sounds deceptively simple, but I had been having similar conversations with so many people in my life (family, friends, mentors), and no one else had even come close to being able to truly open my mind, give me the right perspective on the problem, or help me draw these connections.

Alice’s magic is that she’s the queen of the question – the kind that seems so simple at first glance, but is deceptively insightful. It’s the question that helps you connect the dots in your life, the question that lowers the stakes on the problem that’s causing you crippling anxiety, or the question that bridges the divide between your big-picture vision and values, on the one hand, and more tangible, immediate concerns on the other. It's the question that, after she lets your mind wander for a while, takes you to the next step in a very real, grounded way.

I came to Alice looking for support and a new career direction. What I got was infinitely more valuable: a path toward healthy holistic life balance, a sense of a larger purpose that includes but is not limited to my career, and a mindset that I can continue to trust in the future as I chart my unique course through life.

Marissa D.

When I engaged with Alice, I was assessing my approach to life, and feeling like I wasn't firing too much on some cylinders, and neglecting others. I was seeking "balance," or so I thought. Alice was instrumental in helping me process what I was truly thinking and feeling, using exercises (the Wheel of Life) and her insightful analysis of the explanations I was giving for my choices, my thoughts, and my desires for change. She helped me identify that I didn't really want "balance" in a traditional sense, but more to feel that my approach to each pillar of my life is consistent with my beliefs and attitudes. Since our sessions I probably think about the insights at least once a day and use them to make positive decisions - they had such a lasting impact on me! Highly recommend working with Alice to process your approach to life and career, especially if you are a high-achieving woman with even higher expectations of yourself. She helps you meet them!

Anna Petric

I was struggling with defining what I was looking for in my current job and potentially future job and Alice helped ask me questions to get me to answers to better define my short and long term goals. Those answers could then be put into an action plan. She was always good at listening and probing to make sure I was pushing myself to understand what I really want now and in the future. She held me accountable and helped me stay on track each week. I would recommend Alice for life coaching and was very happy with the experience!

Nicholas M.

Alice helped me prepare for and achieve a major career transition as well as work on several personal goals in the same period. Before working with her, I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted in my next professional role and wanted to make the best use of upcoming downtime for self-exploration and growth. We used a few different exercises to get a clear understanding of what I felt was 'missing' in my life and then used follow-on sessions to brainstorm ways to make those a reality. Throughout the process Alice helped keep me accountable and provided great input on everything from what questions to ask in my upcoming job interview to how to effectively take up a new hobby. Thanks to her preparation, my next career move was the perfect one for me and my family, and I finally managed to take up a hobby that had been on my 'someday' list for years. Really enjoyed working with Alice and would highly recommend for anyone looking for a 'life co-pilot' during important transition periods.

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How does my coaching process work?

Get Clarity

Through self-reflection, raise your self-awareness to uncover your strengths, passions, and core values. Understand who you truly are and what’s really blocking you from your goals.

Overcome Fears

Challenge your assumptions and limiting beliefs. Push yourself out of your comfort zone to address these obstacles. Build up your confidence and feel empowered.

Take Action

Develop a plan to move you towards your desired ideal life. Plant the seeds and take consistent action that will fuel the growth to your dreams.

Are you ready to take control of your life again?

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