Hey, I’m Alice Yeh! I help high-achieving mid-career professionals who feel stuck and burnt out to move past the inertia to find a path forward towards the change they’re looking for. I know this matters to you because you want the freedom to lead a more fulfilled, balanced, meaningful, and happier life!

You’re wondering if there’s more to life than running around the hamster wheel and just going through the motions? Yet you feel like you’re behind your peers and not living up to your potential. You’re looking for a career change but you’re not sure what that next step looks like so you just keep waiting for something better to come along. Your life on paper looks successful and perfect to others like you’ve got it all figured out but something still feels missing or off.

You’ve probably tried:

  • Looking for advice from others – complaining to your family, friends, coworkers, basically anyone who will listen to you rant
  • Therapy but all you learned was that your bad habits came from your childhood upbringing
  • Reading self-help books like The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and Lean In
  • Listening to sage lifestyle gurus pontificate on their podcasts like Lewis Howes on School of Greatness
  • Wellness retreats to detox and destress your mind, body, and soul but the positive vibes are temporary and go away as soon as you get home
  • Personal development workshops to improve your executive presence and leadership skills 

But you’re stuck in information-gathering mode. You learned great ideas and all the things you’re supposed to do but you struggle with implementing them. You haven’t quite figured out how to apply them to yourself and make things stick. What you need is a personalized strategy to break free from the stagnant state you’re stuck in.

Believe me, I was once there before. Multiple times actually. I checked all the boxes of what one was supposed to do:

☑️ Graduated from an Ivy League university (Princeton)

☑️ Got a high-paying job at a Fortune 500 company (J.P. Morgan)

☑️ Got an MBA from another prestigious school (Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania)

☑️ Got another high-paying job at another Fortune 500 company (Google)

And yet for some reason, I felt like something was still missing from my life. There should be more to life than:

  • Having the anxious Sunday scaries and dreading going to work on Monday morning
  • Living for the weekend and overindulging to the extremes as an escape coping mechanism
  • Binge-watching Netflix and sacrificing sleep because you need to know what happens next on Stranger Things
  • Eating the stress away with thin-crust pepperoni pizza and pints of chocolate ice cream
  • Feeling guilty about hitting that snooze button instead of going to the gym
  • Drinking too many glasses of wine or margaritas because you had a hard day at work again
  • Doomscrolling on Instagram daydreaming about bucket list vacations to escape from it all

I thought if I kept working harder and going for that promotion, things would get better.

So I kept running the corporate rat race and moving up the ladder until I hit a ceiling, where I couldn’t get that promotion no matter what or how hard I tried. I was tired of my potential not getting acknowledged and recognized by my manager.

The next logical step is to switch companies and start the process all over again.

I even tried working at startups, both late and early stage vs. large corporates. Eventually, the optimistic hope and excitement of a new job and company got replaced with disillusionment and discontent, leading to burnout, boredom, and a lack of motivation. Why work harder if I’m not getting recognized or valued?

I knew I needed to move on but felt stuck, lost, and unsure of what to do next while everyone else seemed to have their shit together.

So I would procrastinate and distract myself by focusing on prioritizing the needs of others instead of myself. I would complain to whoever would listen that I didn’t have enough time for a job search or that the job market is tough so the timing is bad. Obviously, I didn’t have time for personal hobbies and interests. Because if I did take time for myself, I would feel guilty for not spending enough time and being present with my family, partner, and friends. My life felt too out of balance. I needed to take back control.

Or life happens and you get forced to make a change when you’re not ready like getting laid off. I know because I’ve been laid off 3 times! I felt directionless and uncertain of the future. I lacked meaning and purpose. 

Believe me, it’s possible – you too can lead a more balanced, meaningful, happier, and fulfilling life! Stop settling and playing it safe.

As a certified coach, I’ve helped clients break free from whatever’s holding them back so that they can chart their unique course through life. They gained clarity and insight about themselves, overcame the fears and limiting beliefs blocking them, and developed an action plan to help them move closer to their desired fulfilling life.

For me, I designed the fulfilling life I wanted because I was tired of waiting for things to happen and get better. I needed to make the changes myself. I took back control of my life and acted like a CEO would when it came to managing my life. I went out of my comfort zone and focused on taking big calculated risks. I pivoted to reinvent myself despite people telling me it was a bad idea. I actually did this multiple times:

  • Worked as an expat abroad in Hong Kong, London, and Singapore and gained memorable life experiences
  • Took a yearlong sabbatical where I traveled and pursued my passions and interests like learning Spanish, horseback riding, yoga teacher training, and Reiki certification
  • Now entering entrepreneurship and starting my own life coaching practice

I, too, had fears of failure and rejection as well as fearing the unknown and the uncertainty. The key to fighting them is to raise your self-awareness and uncover your strengths, passions, and core values. Understand who you truly are and what’s really blocking you from your goals. With this clarity, you can then start to challenge and overcome those obstacles. Don’t be afraid to follow your gut and carve your own path despite what others say.

I never thought it would be possible to wake up each day excited and ready to take on the day. I feel challenged and am continuously learning and growing. I have a career where I have meaning and a purpose to serve by helping others be empowered to take action toward their desired dream life.

And don’t forget there’s more to life than just work! Some fun facts about me:

  • I currently live in San Francisco, where I take advantage of that zen California dream lifestyle by practicing vinyasa yoga, doing reformer pilates, and skiing in Tahoe whenever I can
  • I’m a founding core team member of Camp Slow Your Roll at Burning Man where we tap into our creative energy and channel our inner sloths – have been 3+ times!
  • I originally hail from the Philadelphia area so I know how heartbreaking it is to be a fan of its professional sports teams (Go Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, and Flyers!)
  • With my massive passion for travel, I’ve visited 50+ countries and attempted a travel blog that unfortunately died during 2020 because of you know what
  • I enjoy being a foodie from eating street food sold by questionable vendors to hoity-toity fine dining to home-cooking attempts at recreating my Mom’s recipes
  • I lost 30 pounds of COVID weight over 1.5 years! How? By trading carbs and red meat for more veggies and drinking less alcohol
  • I love to read thrilling murder mysteries and feel proud when I figure out who did it
  • I’m a newbie plant mom trying not to kill my babies so I welcome any tips
  • I’m a Certified Life and Success Coach from the Jay Shetty Certification School (accredited by the Association for Coaching) where I completed over 100 hours of study and training.


If you’re ready to learn more about taking control of your life again, book a FREE discovery call with me! Let’s see how we can work together to help you become the CEO of the fulfilling life you deserve.

 P. S. This site originally started out as a travel blog but I made a pivot in my life and have revamped it for my life coaching practice. Read more about the change in this blog post.

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