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Sunset view from klotok river boat

The Best Way to See Wild Orangutans in Borneo, Indonesia

Imagine yourself sitting on the open air deck of a boat with the engine puttering as the boat drifts down a river with the rainforest jungle on both sides. Bright lush greenery as far as the eye can see with palm trees growing straight out of the water. There’s no phone service so no technology …

Sipping water at Tirta Empul in Bali

How to Experience a Holy Bathing Ritual in Bali

One of my most memorable experiences in Bali was participating in a Hindu holy bathing ritual at Pura Tirta Empul. Bali is known as the Island of the Gods, and it’s definitely a very spiritual place. You can feel the energy in the air where there’s a bit of a magical charge in the atmosphere. …

Eat, Pray, Slay in Bali starting a travel blog working on laptop by the pool

Eat, Pray, Slay! Why I Started a Travel Blog

Hello World! Welcome to Hey Alice Yeh, my food and cultural immersion travel blog! This is my first attempt at capturing and recording all the amazing trips I’ve done over the past 10 years where I’ve visited over 50 countries. Keeping a travel blog has been on my to-do list forever. But it was one …