Pivoting to Life Coaching – Travel Blog No More!

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Why am I pivoting to life coaching? Well, it’s been almost 3 years since I last posted. Not surprisingly, a lot has changed in that time. 3 years with no post kinda says something, right? It’s time to move on. So this will no longer be a travel blog! I’d consider this a failed attempt but it’s ok. There’s always something to learn from failure.

Turns out travel blogging was not the right fit for me even though I LOVE traveling and sharing tips and advice. But I could never really find my authentic voice and focus without feeling like I was trying to copy someone else. Of course, COVID didn’t help either. It was definitely challenging to write about travel when everyone’s stuck at home. Looking back, those were some strange times…

I had even rebranded from Alice in Wandererland to Hey Alice Yeh sometime in 2021 to try resuscitating life back into this blog but I couldn’t even muster up enough motivation to make that announcement. There’s a draft blog post on the name change somewhere in a Trash folder now. So you might still see some of the old branding, especially if you go back and look at some of the old posts and graphics.

So what next? I am pivoting to life coaching! I made this decision a few months ago and have been working hard behind the scenes on this journey. Looking forward to the future! I’ll go into more detail on this transition in an upcoming post. In the meantime, pardon the mess or inconsistencies as I work on updating the website. Lots of changes coming soon!

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