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Stress-Bust the Holidays!

Download a free quick and easy guide to plan the holiday stress away from overwhelm to focus. Figure out where to prioritize so that you can find the time and energy for yourself and your needs.

Media – Featured in the following:

The Mindset and Self-Mastery Show

Check out Episode 109 where I talk to Nick McGown about following your intuition, making mistakes, breaking free of expectations, and taking risks. I also share an embarrassing story about myself! 😉

The Sparking Entrepreneur Show Podcast

I sat down with Kiran Agrahar in this podcast interview to share my entrepreneurial journey of becoming a life coach by overcoming uncertainty and finding fulfillment. Check it out on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

n-of-1 Podcast

Listen to the podcast interview (episode #3) I did with Maxwell S. Robinson, a fellow Wharton classmate, where I talked about reframing “setbacks” and finding fulfillment.

University of Pennsylvania

Mental Health Wellness Series #8 on Failure – Sponsored by the Matthew Y Wang Memorial Fund

Alumni Guest Speaker in Two-Part Series (~180 students in attendance across both sessions):

  • Part 1: Failing Forward: Normalizing Failure And Understanding Its Role In Your Path To Success – TED-talk style sharing personal stories of overcoming failure (recording, slides)
  • Part 2: Mastering Failure To Make It Work For You: Hands-On Tools & Exercises – interactive workshop with hands-on exercises and tools for managing failures in everyday life (recording, slides)