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Spray painting graffiti of my tattoo (sun and flowers) in Melbourne, Australia

What I Learned as a Graffiti Artist for a Day

I never thought I would ever one day be spray painting graffiti. Unless one was a legit street artist at the level of Banksy, I always thought graffiti was done by general ne’er-do-wells or teenagers looking for kicks. However as I walked the streets of Melbourne, I marveled at the diverse and rich street art …

white sand beaches, red lichen covered rocks, blue ocean water - Bay of Fires, Tasmania, Australia

6 Reasons Why Tasmania is an Absolute Must-Visit

Tasmania or Tassie (as the Aussies call it) is an absolute must visit if you’re traveling around Australia. It’s often overlooked as people prioritize other destinations in Australia instead. For this reason, Tassie remains relatively undeveloped and untouched, often seen as rustic and perhaps even a little backwater. Even many Australians themselves have not visited …